Super Bowl!

What could be better than this?

I really don’t like that the Richard Sherman story is overshadowing this amazing story, and the great Seahawks fans and franchise. I am divided about Sherman. You have to love the passion, but whatever happened to sportsmanship? I’ll post more on the coming matchup in the coming weeks.

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What a Sad Story

I can’t get over what happened to Javon Belcher. Sometimes you’re reminded that there’s more to life than sports, in the worst way possible.

People blame head injuries, but I’ve got to say, when I was watching football growing up in the 70s and 80s, this kind of thing never seemed to happen. That was back when medical technology was not as good as it is now. So what has changed? If anybody has any ideas, I’d like to hear them.

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What a nice win over the Vikings. I really liked how we controlled the ball the entire game. Russell Wilson is absolutely incredible. He had three touchdowns in the first half. Although the Seahawks are only 5-4, this team is much better than that. And when you consider how young they are, I’m very hopeful for the future.

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Preview: Week 4 vs. St. Louis

Finally, the NFL referees are back…

It’ll be interesting to see how the Seahawks do after unintentionally being the NFL villains for the last week. The Rams got crushed by the Bears, and will be looking to come back strong. But they’re just not a very good team.

The Rams have an ok defense, but they’re not stopping Marshawn Lynch. And their offense is horrible. Quarterback Sam Bradford played great against the Redskins a few weeks ago but he’s coming off a disappointing season and couldn’t help his team beat the Bears.

Seahawks take it, 24-10.


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That Blown Call

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, “the Seahawks may have helped settle the labor dispute between the league and officials once and for all.” I don’t know if I would go that far, but it is disconcerting to see your team win like that. Just know that in the long run, you gain a little and you lose a little through bad officiating, and hopefully in each game it evens out.
I would rather focus on the more positive aspects of the game. We have a starting rookie quarterback, and one of the best RBs in the game who is only 26 years old. Russell Wilson is a great kid. His drive and determination only ensure that he will get better. Mistakes like calling the wrong play in the Seahawks huddle I would chalk up to inexperience. That’s the kind of error that a smart kid like that won’t make again.

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Wilson’s Pro Debut

Even though Russell Wilson didn’t play well last week, I put most of the blame on the offensive line. There simply is not much you can do if the defense is getting to the quarterback that often.

We’ll see what happens today.

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Week 2

I’m looking forward to the game against the Cowboys Sunday. (!) says that Dallas is going to “football’s least accessible, least-publicized destination.” Oh come on! I’d expect that from a blog, but not the league’s official website. And they’re predicting a Cowboys victory. We’ll see. I personally like how Russell Wilson looked last week, and expect Marshawn Lynch to have a big game.

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